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New Webo Hubs Launched
Creating Internet Communities
A Success Story: It's About Websites Working Together To Market Their Presence On The Net
There are a variety of reasons why a group of completely independent websites may wish to be listed in a branded directory or internet hub. The synergies to be gained from collective marketing are enormous. Hub types are drawn from the needs of the collaborative advertising and or collective marketing opportunities that arise from being able to create a single point of access to groups of websites on the internet. These groups may be on either side of the marketing and or advertising funnel dependent upon the type of hub.
Webo directories can be customised to meet the needs of a variety of industries. These include:
 •    Local Directories: Localised suppliers servicing defined communities, suburbs, villages...
 •    Niche Directories: Hobbies, Professional Services, Products & Services eg Antiques, Polo...
 •    Destination Directories: Holiday Resort Towns, Flea Markets, Shopping Malls, Trade shows...
 •    Industry Directories: Marketplaces |Arts, Fashion, Safari, Small Business, Entertainment...
 •    Suppliers Catalogues: Aviation Suppliers, Camping, Restaurants...
 •    Collective Buying Co-operatives: Hospitality, Farming, Small Business....
 •    Membership Directories: Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations, Trades, Clubs...
 •    Corporate Directories: Sponsored (CSI) Marketplaces, Group Companies, Divisions, Branches, Franchisees, Agents,
       Stockists (B2B), Brokers, In-house Corporate Intranets...
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General Business Suppliers Catalogue Local Marketing Collective Buying Exotic Destinations Niche Markets
--- Trend Spotter [Team Webo]
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