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Quick Webo Overview
29th, August 2010
Webo creates website hubs for communities thereby enabling them to collectively market their niche market presence via the internet to the world. All hubs come complete with a site builder and e-marketing tools. Generally hubs are run at no cost to the hub owner as ownership is by invitation. You are invited to discuss your need for a single point of access to the internet for your community of websites that seek collective marketing for their independent sites via a listing on a branded internet directory.
Webo also offers individual websites and e-commerce stores on this Webo hub or you can get one on another branded hub that is marketed to a niche market that you seek to reach. Some have sites on various hubs. You can build your own site, get a READY off-the-shelf design or have your site custom designed for you.
The Hub Builder - Brief Overview
What does the site builder enable you to do?
WEBSITE.  Building possibilities include:
Build your own or get it built for you then maintain it yourself or the Hub will
Just register for a free trial, click submit & your site is published on the net
Websites at existing or new domain names or at a free selected sub-domain
Your own mini logo favicon in the browser header.
Awesome web page editor tools that allow you to just paste or type in content
No coding knowledge needed. You just add pictures, videos, flash and more
Use a “table layout” format & create “graph paper” to position content on
Link text or images to other websites, proforma e-mails, or to page tags
Link to social networks or embed Google Maps, Calendars, Galleries & Gadgets
Add image links, topic bar links and quick side panel links 
Privacy: Activate password gates to topics, pages, doc’s or the full site
Link & show own logo or hub logo or delink with no logo from the hub
Upload your own logo, header, banner or backgound image or animation
Onsite background music option set to be on or off with volume control
Unlimited no. of public/private blogs offering attachments and notifications
Unlimited public/private forms with attachments sent to listed recipients
Unlimited public/private scrolling content pages in “filing cabinet” categories
Unlimited public/private slide presentations with web page intro. per slide
Unlimited size & no. of public/private flip/click books offered in categories
Unlimited public/private PDF downloads offered in categories
Unlimited videos for onsite public or private viewing offered per category
Add a footer image across the full page to spice up your look and feel
Add a header and or footer “marquee” with scrolling text and or images
Add your own partner links and or adverts at the foot of your site pages
and more...
ONLINE SHOP.  Building possibilities include:
List as unpriced classified, fixed price or fully managed online auction items
Comprehensive image, description and features panel for each product
Up to twenty one images per product or display a list view for fast ordering
Out of stock management an option and where applicable, VAT processing
Product categories & two tier variation management eg size & colour options
Priced or unpriced delivery option management ie pick of delivery options
Complete management of terms and conditions of sale ie forced acceptance
Order online and receive an e-mailed proforma order with banking details
Online shopping cart supports Credit Cards, EFT, Paypal and Direct Deposit
Build customised checkouts for Wedding gift registers, donation appeals etc
Online payment mechanisms processed off site in secure bank owned portals
Buyers have a private account reflecting payment history & dispatch records
Relevant website functionality duplicated in the store eg product flip books etc
and more...
eMARKETING & SEO SUPPORT. Possibilities include:
Fully anti-spam compliant bulk e-mail management & bulk SMS’er
Upload permission based client spreadsheet data re first & surnames
Personalise bulk e-mail with click backs, embedded forms, video, pictures etc
Define “Meta” titles, descriptions and keywords for all search engine crawlers
It’s available READY and off-the-shelf, you can build your own or you can have a custom site built for you.
Website building is fun. Try it with the 14 day free trial offer.


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